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Paperback:A burnable book:2014 A burnable book
Author: Holsinger, Bruce W
Publication year: 2014
Language: English
Media class: Paperback
Category: Fiction
Publisher: Harper
ISBN: 9780007493326
Includes bibliographical references
Tensions between King Richard II and his uncle, the Duke of Lancaster, continue to intensify. As the spectre of revolt looms, a fragile truce with France nears its end, and the realm faces threats at home and abroad. Now word is spreading of a book of prophecies that has foretold the deaths of 12 English kings - and Richard is to be number 13. John Gower, poet and trader in secrets, is commissioned by Chaucer to hunt down the book. Tracking the manuscript from the halls of Westminster to the stews of Southwark, Gower uncovers an intricate conspiracy reaching to the King's innermost circles, as well as his own family.
Series title: John Gower, 1
Subject/Genre Gower, John, 1325?-1408
Additional information: 512 pages, pbk
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Hardback:A burnable book:2014
Available: 4
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