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Hardback:The man on Hackpen Hill.:2021 The man on Hackpen Hill.
Author: Monroe, J S.
Publication year: 2021
Language: English
Media class: Hardback
Publisher: London : Head of Zeus, 2021.
ISBN: 9781789541717 (hbk.) : 18.99
It isn't unusual for crop circles to appear overnight on Hackpen Hill. In this part of Wiltshire, where golden wheat fields stretch for miles, the locals have got used to discovering strange mathematical patterns stamped into the earth. But this time, it's different. Not only because this particular design of dramatic spiralling hexagons has never been seen before. But because of the dead body positioned precisely in the centre of the circle. DI Silas Hart, of Swindon Police, is at a loss. Only Jim, a scientist at secretive government laboratory Porton Down, knows the chilling truth about the man on Hackpen Hill. And he wants Bella, a trainee journalist on her first ever story, to tell the world. But Silas has other ideas – and a boss intent on a cover up.
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Hardback:The man on Hackpen Hill.:2021.
Paperback:The man on Hackpen Hill.:2022.
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453 pages.


This gripping thriller follows Bella, a trainee reporter who has just finished university, and Jim, a scientist at Porton Down. Jim wants the true story of the sinister experiments conducted at the lab to be revealed, and it looks like Bella will get a major scoop in breaking the story. At the same time crop circles start appearing. DI Silas Hart is tasked with investigating – he is initially upset at being given such a menial task until he discovers dead bodies have been dumped in the middle of the circles. And, the crop circles themselves appear to hold some coded message. What does this all mean? All the way through, conspiracy theories abound – Silas’ boss is insisting he doesn’t follow lines of enquiry via Porton Down. Why would he do that – is he part of some cover-up? All is not as it seems; people are not as they seem. But who is telling the truth, or even their version of the truth? All in all, a very good read, made even more interesting because it is based in Wiltshire.
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