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Hardback:How to measure a cow.:2016 How to measure a cow.
Author: Forster, Margaret.
Publication year: 2016
Language: English
Media class: Hardback
Publisher: London : Chatto & Windus, 2016.
ISBN: 1784740667 9781784740665 (hbk): £16.99
Tara Fraser leaves London to start a new life in a Cumbrian town selected at random. She plans to obliterate her past, which contains a shocking event that had serious consequences, by becoming a completely different personality from her previous volatile self. She is going to be quiet, even dull, and very private. But one of her new neighbours, Nancy, is intrigued by her. She wants to become her friend. Equally determined not to be discarded are three old friends who Tara feels let her down when she most needed them. Tara fights to keep herself to herself, but can she do it? And does she really want to? Slowly, reluctantly, she discovers the dangers of trying to supress the past and reject other people.
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Paperback:How to measure a cow.:2017.
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224 pages.


Tara has a past, she has committed a crime and been to prison. Now released she wants a new life, new name in a northern town chosen by sticking a pin in a map. She wants to be invisible, blend in, keep herself to herself apart from one friendship with an elderly neighbour Mrs Armstrong (Nancy). All is revealed slowly, flashbacks into the past, 3 friends, her dad but we only know what she wants us to know. Ultimately, she realises she can't live the new life and has to go back. Odd title to go with an odd book,did I like Tara? not much, did I like the friends? not much, did I like Nancy? Very much and she informs us How to measure a Cow!
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