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Paperback:Death of the Black Widow.:2022 Death of the Black Widow.
Author: Patterson, James.
Publication year: 2022
Language: English
Media class: Paperback
Publisher: UK : Penguin Books, 2022.
ISBN: 9781529157383 (pbk.) : 8.99
You never forget your first case. Officer Walter O'Brien is called to a murder scene on his first night with Detroit PD. A terrified 20-year-old has bludgeoned her attacker with skill that shocks even O'Brien's veteran partner. The young woman is also a brilliant escape artist. Her bold flight from police custody makes the case impossible to solve - and, for Walter, even more impossible to forget. His fascination with the missing, grey-eyed woman approaches obsession. And when Walter discovers that he's not alone in his search, only one thing is certain. This deadly string of secrets didn't begin in his home city - but he's going to make sure it ends there.
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Available: 10
No. of reservations: 1
517 pages.


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