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Hardback:Dead Man's Creek.:2023 Dead Man's Creek.
Author: Hammer, Chris.
Publication year: 2023
Language: English
Media class: Hardback
Publisher: London : Wildfire, 2023.
ISBN: 9781472295668 (hbk.): £18.99.
Originally published: as The tilt. 2022.
Newly-minted homicide detective Nell Buchanan returns to her hometown, annoyed at being assigned a decades-old murder - a 'file and forget'. But this is no ordinary cold case, her arrival provoking an unwelcome and threatening response from the small-town community. As more bodies are discovered, and she begins to question how well she truly knows those closest to her, Nell realises that finding the truth could prove more difficult - and dangerous - than she'd ever expected. The nearer Nell comes to uncovering the secrets of the past, the more treacherous her path becomes. Can she survive to root out the truth, and what price will she have to pay for it?
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474 pages.


When newly-qualified homicide detective Nell Buchanan is assigned her first murder case back at her hometown, her initial excitement turns to dismay as she realises the body is decades old and the perpetrator probably long dead. But as she begins to fit the pieces together, and another body is discovered, the case becomes increasingly complex and affects her on a more personal level. I loved this book. The weaving together of the plot over 3 different timelines and the constant twists and turns, left me intrigued and racing to the end. I also loved the sense of place that the descriptions of the landscape invoked. A worthy follow-up to Opal Country.
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