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Paperback:The affair.:2021 The affair.
Author: Boyd, Hilary.
Publication year: 2021
Language: English
Media class: Paperback
Publisher: UK: Penguin Books, 2021.
ISBN: 9781405943901 (pbk.): £7.99.
Connie and her GP husband Devan have led a charmed life since they married in their twenties. Forty years on they are the couple their whole village envies. Life isn't quite so rosy just now with Devan struggling to adjust to early retirement, but Connie hopes that getting away for a few weeks through her job as a European tour manager will help. But on one of her favourite tours, to Lake Como, it is clear one of her guests is falling for her. She resists, but Jared somehow gets under her skin, until she's intoxicated and doing the unthinkable: breaking the marriage vows she's always held so dear. But she tells herself the affair is not serious, it will end when the season does. And Devan will never find out. But when Connie returns home, Jared follows. He isn't going to give her up so easily.
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406 pages.


This is the first book i've read by Hilary Boyd & unfortunately I wouln't be reading any more. Started off quite boring, got a bit more interesting during 'the affair' but then came the disappointing ending.........don't bother unless you've numerous hours to waste.
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