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Hardback:Lessons in chemistry.:2022 Lessons in chemistry.
Author: Garmus, Bonnie.
Publication year: 2022
Language: English
Media class: Hardback
Publisher: London: Doubleday, 2022.
ISBN: 9780857528124 (hbk.) : £14.99.
Chemist Elizabeth Zott is not your average woman. In fact, Elizabeth Zott would be the first to point out that there is no such thing. But it's the early 1960s and her all-male team at Hastings Research Institute take a very unscientific view of equality. Except for one: Calvin Evans; the lonely, brilliant, Nobel-prize nominated grudge-holder who falls in love with - of all things - her mind. True chemistry results. But like science, life is unpredictable. Which is why a few years later, Elizabeth Zott finds herself not only a single mother, but the reluctant star of America's most beloved cooking show Supper at Six.
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Paperback:Lessons in chemistry.:2023.
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390 pages.


Funny, interesting characters who are all struggling to fit into the conformity of 1950s and 60s America. Challenging conventions. Dealing with grief. Finding family. Following dreams. Winning in the end!
Helly B
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