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Hardback:Number 11.:2015 Number 11.
Author: Coe, Jonathan.
Publication year: 2015
Language: English
Media class: Hardback
Publisher: London : Viking, 2015.
ISBN: 0670923796 9780670923793 (hbk): 16.99
Rachel and Alison, two girls who have come of age in an era of reality TV and social media, stalk a vividly imagined world alongside surviving characters from Coe's earlier novel 'What A Carve Up!', the classic 90s satire. Rachel, a bewildered Oxford graduate, finds herself catapulted into the world of private tutoring for the super-rich, while Alison's dreams of becoming an artist are quashed by a bitter tabloid columnist. Jonathan Coe's new novel is the story for our times: moving from the distant rumble of the Iraq War to the austerity years of the Britain we know now. Coe uses all his wit and acute powers of satire and observation to show up a mirror to our absurd and unsettling new world.
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352 pages.


A social commentary on life today, what could be considered five short stories tenuously linked by the Number 11 and characters popping up in each story forming a network of connections between them. Starting with the effect the death of David Kelly has on a young girl, the effects of that war, to reality TV and the comedic policeman. The divide between those needing foodbanks and those living in Kensington converting their basements to cinemas and swimming pools just because they can. The final story lost me and the ending was odd but a an interesting look at modern life.
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