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Paperback:The architect's apprentice.:2015 The architect's apprentice.
Author: Shafak, Elif.
Publication year: 2015
Language: English
Media class: Paperback
Publisher: London : Penguin Books, 2015.
ISBN: 0241970946 9780241970942 (pbk): 8.99
Originally published: London: Viking, 2014.
When Jahan travels to 16th-century Istanbul as a stowaway carrying the gift of a white elephabt for the sultan, little does he know the journey on which he is about to embark. Whispers in the palace gardens and secret journeys through Istanbul lead Jahan to Mihrimah, the beautiful Princess. Still under her spell, he is promoted from simple Mahut to apprentice of the Grand Master Architect, Sinan - when his fortunes take a mysterious change.
Translated from the Turkish.
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Talking book - CD:The architect's apprentice.:2014.
Hardback:The architect's apprentice.:2014.
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464 pages.


I have read a number of books by Elif Shafak, all of them have been rich, immersive reads. I loved this book, set in the 1500's, because the story follows a young boy (Jahan) throughout his life, exploring his relationships in love, friendship, with work colleagues, and with the wonderful elephant, Chota. I found it spellbinding.
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