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Paperback:Oystercatchers.:2008 Oystercatchers.
Author: Fletcher, Susan.
Publication year: 2008
Language: English
Media class: Paperback
Publisher: London : Harper Perennial, 2008.
ISBN: 9780007190263 (pbk.) : 7.99
Originally published: London: Fourth Estate, 2006.
From the author of the award-winning 'Eve Green', 'Oystercatchers' is a heart-rending tale about the bonds of sisterhood and one woman's great remorse. The second novel from highly acclaimed young writer Susan Fletcher, author of the award-winning Eve Green Amy lies in a coma. Her older sister, Moira, comes to her in the evenings, sits beside her in a green-walled hospital room. Here, Moira confesses. She admits to her childhood selfishness which deeply hurt her family and to the self-imposed exile from the dramatic Welsh coast that had dominated and captivated her childhood; to her savagery at boarding school; to the wild, bitter and destructive heart that she carried into her adult life. Moira knows this: that she's been a poor daughter, and a deceptive wife. But it is as Amy lies half-dying that she sees the real truth: she's been a cruel sister, and it is this cruelty that has led them both here, to this hospital bed. A novel about trust, loss and loneliness, Oystercatchers is a
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Other formats
Large print:Oystercatchers.:2007.
Talking book - MP3:Oystercatchers:2010.
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375 pages.


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