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Guide for library users Guide for library users

1. Joining your library
2. Searching the catalogue
3. Borrowing and renewing library items
4. Creating a wishlist
5. Visiting your library

Joining your library

How can I join the library?

You can find all of the information you need on the Join the library page. It is free to join and you will also be given a PIN so that you can access a range of online resources.

Can I join the library online?

You can join the library online and receive a temporary library card number which will allow you to place requests on our physical stock before visiting the library to collect your card. You will need to bring proof of your name and address when you visit the library to complete your membership and collect your card. When you have collected your card, you will be able to borrow our physical stock, use the public computers in the library and access our online resources, including our eBooks, eAudiobooks and eMagazines.

If you’re unable to visit the library at the moment and wish to access our online resources, please join the library online and then email your temporary library card number to and ask for a library card number that can be used to access our online resources until you are able to visit the library. You will then have 3 months to complete your registration and collect your library card from your local library.

Can children join the library?

Children and young people under 16 are very welcome to join the library. There is no lower age limit for children joining the library. They need to visit the library with a parent (or legal guardian) who will need to bring a form of ID (e.g. an allowance book, bank statement or driving licence) which contains their name and current address. If this is not possible, library staff will post a membership form to the parent (or guardian) to sign.

What is a PIN and how do I get one?

When you join the library you will be given a unique four digit PIN, which will allow you to access your account details, place a reservation, check your loans and renew online.  You can also use your PIN to login to the public computers in the library.

If you do not know your PIN, you can select Forgot PIN? and reset it or you can email and ask for a PIN reminder. You can also ask for your PIN in person at any Wiltshire library (please take your library card with you as identification).  You can change your PIN to any four digit number you prefer.


Searching the catalogue

How do I search the catalogue?

You can carry out a basic search from any page of the catalogue using the search box in the top right corner of the page. This will search for words anywhere in a catalogue record that match your search terms so the results may be quite broad. For example, if you search for Salisbury you will receive results with a title or description relating to the City as well as authors or publishers with Salisbury in their name.

It is possible to refine your results once you have carried out your search. The column to the left of your search results includes a list of filters such as series, library location and author. These may help, if you have received a lot of results.

If no results are found to match your exact search terms, the catalogue will automatically perform a fuzzy search. This means it will search for words close to those you submitted, for example, if you search for Grisam a fuzzy search will find books by John Grisham.

How do I carry out a more specific catalogue search?

Advanced search gives you the ability to carry out a more specific search. You can filter your search by location, media, language, category, audience, author, title, subject or date.

How do I know what is available to borrow?

Next to each item in your list of search results, it will say whether the item is available or not available for loan. When you click into the individual record page, it will show more detail either listing where the book is held or, if it is not yet in stock, it will say ordered.

Can I browse the catalogue?

It is possible to browse the catalogue by format e.g. large print and also by a range of broad subject areas by clicking on ‘Browse’ at the top of the page. If you can’t find a subject area you wish to browse here, you can search by subject on the advanced search page.

Borrowing and renewing library items

What can I borrow from my library?

Library members can borrow up to 12 items on their library card. This can be any combination of books and talking books. You can borrow and return at any Wiltshire library providing you do not exceed this total.

Can I renew my library books / items?

You can renew books up to 4 times before you need to return them to the library. You can do this online or by visiting or ringing your local library. Talking books cannot be renewed as they are hired and must be returned at the end of the hire period.

How do I renew my books online?

As long as they haven’t been requested by another borrower, you can renew books up to 4 times before you need to return them to the library. You can do this online or by contacting your local library. Talking books cannot be renewed as they are hired and must be returned at the end of the hire period.

How long can I keep items?

Books and audio books are issued for 3 weeks. Hire items are issued for a week.

What if I return items late?

There is a charge for adult books that are returned late and where hire items are kept late the charge is payable again. Visit Library charges for more information.

How do I place a request?

You can place a reservation at your local library or online. To reserve a book online, you will need to log in to this site with your library card number (with no spaces) and PIN or Arena username, choose the item you wish to reserve, click on the ‘Reserve’ button next to it, select the library you would like to pick it up from and click ‘Save’. For adult books a charge will be applied.

Creating a wishlist 

What is a wishlist?

A wishlist is a place to record books that you are not yet ready to borrow or reserve but may want to read in the future. No holds are placed on these items so if you do want to read them in the future you will need to borrow or reserve them.

How do I create a wishlist?

You simply click the ‘Add to wishlist’ button next to any item on the catalogue to save the item into your wishlist.

Visiting your library

Where is my nearest library and what are its opening times?

You can find details of static libraries here. More information about mobile library routes and times is available here.

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